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Turkish Steel Industry in 2013

World crude steel production reached 1,607 billion tons % in 2013 up by 3.1 % yoy, after growing 1.5% in the previous year. The production growth pointed out continued recovery in the world steel markets. However, when the growing role and share of Asia and China in the world steel production considered, it is clearly seen that the improvement in the world steel markets was resulted from Asia region. In 2013, crude steel production of China increased by 6.6 % to 779 million tons; and production of Asia reached 1,081 billion tons up by 5.3 %. When the production of China excluded, world crude steel production stayed stable at 828 million tons. It is calculated that world crude steel production excluding Asia fell by 1.3 %.   In contrast to strong expansion in the production of Asia, production dropped in all other regions including EU-28, Other Europe, CIS, North America and South America.

Compared to the pre-crisis level of 2007, total crude steel production of the EU is down by 21 %, CIS is down by 12 %, North America is down by 10 % and South America is down by 4.6 %. Although production is lower than 2007 level in many regions, China’s 2013 production is 59 % higher and Asia’s production is 43 % higher in the same comparison, which brings world crude steel production up 19.2 % over 2007 level. While world crude steel production increased by 19.2 % during the last 6 years period, world steel production excluding China dropped by 3.6 % and excluding Asia down by 10.7 %. The sharp drop in world crude steel production excluding Asia and China reveals the determining role of the region in the world steel production growth. According to the production figures in 2013, EU region is the one which has at the lowest level compared to the pre crisis, whose production dropped from 210 million tons to 166 million tons.

China, with its production of 779 million tons up by 6.6 % yoy, kept its position as the largest crude steel producing country in 2013. After China, which accounted for 49 % of the global steel production, Japan ranked as the second largest steel producer with its 111 million tons of production and USA ranked third with its production of 87 million tons. Despite dropping by 3.4 % to 34.65 million tons, Turkey kept its position as the 8th largest steel producer of the world. In spite of being the first country in terms of production growth rate among the top 10 steel producing countries in the years 2011 and 2012; and third country after China and India during the last 10 years period, Turkey became the second country to show the worst performance after South Korea in 2013.   more>>